Counter Solutions

The counters for your project are the surfaces which get the most use. They get cut on, stood on, sat on, and occasionally flooded with water. Pots and pans are constantly scraping over them.

With this in mind, choose your counter surfaces to suit the use and abuse they will be asked to endure. Having a marble counter top might look beautiful, but unless you are prepared to follow an exacting maintenance schedule and limit what tasks you perform on it, don’t expect that look to last; you may not feel as happy with your purchase once stains and scratches set in.

Below is a chart of the most common counter surfaces and their respective characteristics. There are pros and cons to each. Our experienced sales staff can help you assess each option to see which counter is best for you.

 LaminateButcher BlockSolid SurfaceGraniteQuartz
Brands Wilsonart
Cost per Sq/Ft $ $$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$
Needs Sealing No Yes No Yes No
Scratch Resistantance Medium Low Low Medium High
Stain Resistantance Medium Low High Medium High
Heat Resistance Low Medium Medium High High
Seam Appearance Noticeable Noticeable Difficult to detect Noticeable Noticeable
Sink Options TM* TM / UM* TM /UM / INT* TM / UM* TM / UM*
Installation Timeframe 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 14-16 days 14-16 days
Reparability Hard Medium Medium Hard Hard
Requires Pro Installation No No Yes Yes Yes
Man Made vs. Organic Manmade Organic Manmade Organic 7% manmade
93% Organic

* TM - Top Mount, UM - Undermount, INT - Integrated