Meet the Team: Scott Darling

Meet the Team: Scott Darling

As the youngest son in the Darling family, I was the one who went a different direction from the kitchen industry. I worked construction on big projects in the Kingston area directly after high school. I then went to commercial diving school - not the most normal career for someone to choose, but it was my dream to work in that field. I graduated and 2 days later I was working full time for a local company that specializes in underwater inspections and marine construction. Inevitably, business slowed down during the winter months, as all construction does. I would come back and fill my off time by working for Hawthorne Kitchens.

Every year that I worked here I grew to admire the company more and more. Once the day came that I decided diving wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my career, it didn’t take long before I decided that I wanted to be with this company for the long run.

I took a week off to relax and then came in full bore with my eyes on the future and being a part of something great. Since the day I started, week in and week out, I am learning new things. As anybody in this industry knows, you never truly know everything, you must never stop learning and you must always be moving forward.

From the designers on the front lines strategizing and drawing out blueprints, to the crews making those designs a reality into the homes of our valued clients, we all work as one solidified unit. It truly is a team environment here, which is the only way that I know how to do it.

I am someone who needs to be excited about my career at all times, this is not something I have struggled with here as others share my passion and constantly keep me challenged with new ideas.

All you have to do is visit our showroom and see all the products that this team have put their heart and soul into. I am truly proud of what we do here, and the service we will continue to provide this community.