Common Kitchen Design Terms

Common Kitchen Design Terms

There are some terms you might have come across while researching for your kitchen reno that you don't quite understand. Some are obvious, while others are a total mystery. Here are some basic kitchen design terms to help you better communicate your design ideas!

Appliance Garage: this is a style of cabinet that helps keep your counter clutter under control. The bottom of this shelf actually sits on the countertop itself, rather than elevated! The door opens up for easy access to appliances and dishes you use often.

Kickboard/Plinth: This is the panel that runs from the bottom of your cupboards to the floor. It's a detail often overlooked when coming up with design ideas for your kitchen reno.

End Panel: This is the visible side of the end of your cabinetry! Many people opt for a decorative wood panel to add some extra character, rather than have a plain panel.

Backsplash: This term is a little more known. When designing a backsplash, don't forget to keep in mind that this will be a high traffic area for dishes, food splatter, etc. Choosing a patterned finish will help hide the build-up of liquids and foods, whereas a light coloured backsplash wouldn't.

Task Lighting: Lighting fixtures that are built into the bottom of cabinetry to provide extra light in workspaces where preparing a meal happens!

This is just a very basic list, and research should be done before tackling a kitchen design to best explore and understand your options.