Common Kitchen Remodel Myths

Common Kitchen Remodel Myths

Certain myths surrounding kitchen remodeling can hold you back from what you really want to see in your new kitchen. Understanding the myths can help set your imagination free!

Myth #1: You need to spend a certain percentage of your home’s value on your kitchen remodel.

The truth is that you might not be looking for a full remodel of your kitchen! In some cases, a few subtle updates might be all you want. Don’t feel pressured to fit a budget that makes you uncomfortable.

Myth #2: I can DIY most of my kitchen remodel!

A kitchen remodel has many, many different aspects to it. It’s important that the electrical and water hookups are all done properly and safely. It’s also a physically daunting task and can go by much quicker if it’s done by people who do it for a living!

Myth #3: When surpassing your budget, just spend less on the flooring or lighting!

The floor of your kitchen can make or break the design. Even with the most beautiful custom cabinets and fancy modern lighting fixtures, your floor can bring your kitchen back several years. There are always options to turn to that can help alleviate the overages on your budget without compromising the design.

Myth #4: Kitchens Should Follow All of the Current Trends

Absolutely not! Just because you’re planning a remodel, does NOT mean you need to make it trendy. A remodel is meant to make your kitchen more functional and more appealing - but to your own standards. If banquet seating is a hot trend but it doesn’t make sense to your kitchen or lifestyle - then forget about it! Don’t feel bad for following trends, but always bring it back down to what your needs and goals are.