Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

Not every kitchen design includes an island, mostly due to space. While it’s easier to include an island in a larger kitchen space, there are also choices to be made in terms of how much storage space, work space and seating you need to get out of your island. Here are the benefits of a few styles:

L-Shaped: These islands are great if you have space for them! They can help build flow within your kitchen, making your dinner time processes efficient, with no crowded workspaces. Great if you have multiple chefs working away at a meal! The L-Shaped island gives you the opportunity for the addition of so much storage space, and is great for kitchens with lots of single-use appliances or large families to feed!

U-shaped: This style of island has similar benefits as the L-shaped island. Plenty of storage space, seating, and areas to work. You can prepare a meal without leaving your island! The big difference between the two would be the space they take up - the extra leg of the U-shape island takes up a bit more space in the kitchen than the L-shaped island.

Furniture Style: What makes these islands different? Instead of a cabinet look, they look more like your kitchen table! With legs and an open design under the countertop. These islands add a tonne of personality to your kitchen, but won’t add too much storage space. They’re ideal for smaller families with less kitchen space and a need for only a tad more storage than their cabinetry offers.

Galley: This is the classic kitchen island shape. With no corners or curves to it, this island is great for open kitchens. These straightforward islands are great for bar seating! The lack of corners also maximizes the possibility of storage areas. Some might argue that their shape is boring, but with the right lighting fixtures above it, this island can be the most stylish workspace/seating space/storage space in your kitchen!