5 New Trends For Your 2019 Kitchen Renovation

5 New Trends For Your 2019 Kitchen Renovation

With the new year slowly getting under way, it may be just the right time to put some thought into redoing your current kitchen space. Want to make some more room? Add a breakfast bar? New appliances? There are so many additions you can make, from floor-to-ceiling. Here are a few staple trends that may be just what you’re looking for this year.

Quartz Countertops - a look that will continue to grow in 2019 is the sleek quartz countertop. Along with a beautiful finish, it is a non-porous material - meaning the texture does not allow bacteria to grow, and helps to withstand any stains.

Pops Of Colour - blue cabinetry, a statement vase on the counter, coloured appliances? Choose something that will really brighten up the room! Even a fresh colour to the walls can help change the mood of the entire room. Bring fun back into the kitchen and make your space unique.

Different Sinks - the sink is often overlooked, considering we use it daily. Think outside the box this year and add a different feature to your sink - embossed designs, metallic flakes; or go above and beyond by adding removable cutting boards or drying rack inserts. Option: keep the sink simple and add in a fun faucet!

Wood Finishing - a classic look coming back to stay… Wood was always the cabinet of choice years ago. Change up your cupboards from a sleek colour to the perfect wood finish. Add a new wooden island or dining table. Wood brings dimension, texture, and a neutral colour - leaving space for the rest of your designs to really pop!

Storage and Technology - ever feel like the kitchen counter is too crowded? Can’t find that box in the back of your cupboard? Add in additional shelves or hidden cabinets in the island for additional storage space. Another option is to add additional outlets, hidden in your drawers - or on the side of counter space.