Tips for maximizing small kitchen space

Tips for maximizing small kitchen space

Make your kitchen space exactly what you need - no matter the size! Use organization tips to your advantage and really make the most out of your most used area in the house. Below are a few tips on how you can gain extra counter space and find a few more areas for storage.

Extra Shelves
Adding in a shelf above your cabinets will give you additional storage space. Use this area for bigger items or seasonal items you may not use frequently - this way they are tucked out of the way, but still in an easily accessible area for you!

Wall Space
Go vertical. Use that empty wall to your advantage! With a few hooks or a pegboard system, you can really empty some cupboard space. Hang your pots and pans, your cooking utensils, or a knife rack - to eliminate space taken up by a knife block from the counter!

Cupboard Doors
Use the interior of your cupboard doors to hang measuring cups or your spice rack. Using this otherwise unused space will free up a bit of room on the counter or in your cupboards and drawers, so you have more room for your other items.

Rolling Pantry
That empty space beside the fridge doesn’t have to go to waste… Add in a DIY project and build a small, but perfect fit rolling pantry. This allows you extra storage, but doesn’t take up any extra space in the kitchen like a large pantry would. Just simply tuck it back in beside the fridge when you’re done.

Cutting Boards
Need a bit more extra counter space while you’re cooking dinner? Use an over the sink cutting board! Fitting perfectly in the area of the sink, this type of product helps utilize an overlooked space. Make the most of your kitchen!