Planning a kitchen to suit your lifestyle

Planning a kitchen to suit your lifestyle

When designing a new kitchen, there are many factors to keep in mind to ensure best use of your space. Whether you need space for multiple cooks in the kitchen, enjoy having extra storage, or simply want the space to show off your chosen cabinet design, it is important to look at all aspects of your layout. Below are 3 tips to planning the perfect kitchen:


When going over the design - keep in mind how you like to work in the kitchen, where you are most likely to stand and prepare your food, and where you want your storage to be. There is a “working triangle” to think about as well. This being the space between your sink, your fridge, and your stove. Having these in close proximity to one another will ensure better use of your space.


If you’re needing somewhere to store extra dishes (all those seasonal plates or fancy mugs), utilize the small space on the corners with corner cupboards! While there isn’t always enough storage here for larger items, this is the perfect place to keep your special china or small table accessories.


Consider where you enter your kitchen. Now, when planning, think about how you drop things off when you come in from the grocery store - straight onto the counter, the fridge, etc. Placing your fridge and pantry closer to the entrance of the kitchen will help you items put away faster and easier. Another great idea to think of is an island. This will add extra space for storage (underneath) and more preparation space - an added bonus of an extra breakfast space as well.