Benefits of adding a kitchen island

Benefits of adding a kitchen island

As one of the most used rooms in your home, you want to ensure your kitchen fits your lifestyle! Whether you’re on the go, or love to be entertaining...a kitchen island can ensure that your kitchen uses its space as efficiently as possible and is specifically designed to fit your family’s needs.

Casual Seating
For entertaining or small family dinners, an island allows your guests to hang out in the kitchen with you while you’re cooking. The addition of bar stools at the island can make it a great space for people to gather, talk, eat, and relax while you are cooking, bringing your guests into the cooking experience.

Informal dining area
A quick breakfast or just dinner for 2 - the island gives you a casual spot to eat. 

Extra storage
Take some clutter from your overflowing cabinets and drawers by adding an island. This space gives you the opportunity to place more storage underneath. Fully customizable, you can add extra shelves, drawers, and cabinets.

Cooking and Preparation Space
If you love to cook, limited counter space can often be frustrating. The countertop portion of your island is extra space for you to prepare meals.

Additional Amenities
A kitchen island provides the ideal space for amenities you didn’t originally have the space for. For example, a wine fridge could tuck nicely under your island. This space is also a great, out-of-sight, place to add a beverage fridge, or pull out fridge/freezer drawers for additional storage space. You could also consider adding a prep sink in you island to increase its functionality.

Even if your kitchen is small, a counter extension into the adjacent room can act as an island.