Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

The final touch of any kitchen - aside from your beautiful appliances - is your backsplash. The style of backsplash you choose ties the entire room together for a perfect kitchen design. With many different choices of material, colour, pattern, and texture, there is a whole world of possibilities to complete your kitchen!

Here are 5 trends that we love for your kitchen backsplash:

Subway Tiles
A trend that has been heating up and has not cooled off yet! Subway tiles are a classic way to finish off your kitchen space. With various colours and styles, these sleek tiles can often make your space look bigger offering a bit of continuity. For a different design than most, try the larger subway tiles.

Introducing a subtle or bold pattern to your tiles is a quick and easy way to liven up any space. This pattern can be on the tiles themselves or using different materials to create your own pattern. With smaller tiles, you can shape them any way you want on the wall and make your kitchen truly unique!


Marble is a classic look that gives any room a more luxurious feel. Your kitchen will make a statement, but in a subtle fashion. If you’re looking to keep the area bright and modern, Marble is a great way to go.

While neutral colours of black, white, or grey are usually the more popular choice, this year colour is IN! Make your kitchen space pop and stand out when guests arrive, with a coloured backsplash - allowing you a bit more personal expression as well!

Ceiling Height Backsplash
A higher backsplash helps tie together your entire space, as well as brighten the area. Especially if you are using white tiles, or wallpaper. This trend can also make your kitchen appear larger as your eye is brought up to the ceiling.